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Are you looking for the following positions?

  1. M&E Specialist
  2. M&E National or International Post
  3. Evaluation Expert
  4. Monitoring expert
  5. M&E Data Manager
  6. M&E Researcher
  7. M&E Coordinator


In order to meet the demands of this new age, Companies, Governments, Public Corporations and Non-Government Organisations are struggling to manage fundamental changes that are impacting the world today. Number of programs are designed and implemented to address the most urgent developmental demands.

For these interventions to realize expected results, they have to be regularly monitored and evaluated. As such, monitoring and evaluation has now become a regular feature of the planning and implementation of all social, political and economic interventions. Yet, there is a scarcity of experts who can monitor and evaluate development interventions to achieve better results. As a result, in many instances people with little or no formal training in the field of monitoring and evaluation are engaged in the same. It is taken for granted that learning by doing in a particular intervention environment would make them become proficient and competent in this field. However, evidence suggests that this is not generally the case as many interventions monitored and evaluated by unprofessional people do not produce the intended quality outcomes and impacts.


The Certificate of Competence in Monitoring and Evaluation (CCME) Program is a three month (3) blended academic programme (Physical and Online delivery model) which seeks to develop sound and in-depth understanding on theoretical and practical aspects of monitoring and evaluation. This programme adopts standard methods, techniques and best practices that are increasingly employed by the World Bank in conducting monitoring and evaluation of development intervention in various countries. Such methods, techniques and practices not only expose but also equip participants with sufficient knowledge, skills and attitude that are analytically and logically informed by results based outcomes and impacts in development interventions.


This program was established after 10 years of being in the industry in the country investigating gaps that exists among professionals in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation. The basis were as follows;

  1. It must be needed and useful to consumers
  2. It must have technical merit.
  3. It must be comprehensive and balanced.
  4. It must be field tested or used operationally.
  5. It should incorporate evaluation and follow-up activities



The general objective is to help participants to understand, build and use monitoring and evaluation system to regularly assess the progress of projects, programs and policies.  It intends to produce experts who are proficient in carrying out monitoring and evaluation assignments in any scale of development interventions.

Specifically, the program intends to make sure that upon completion participants are able to:

  1. Understand the value of M&E system for organisations;
  2. Understand the ways in which M&E tools can be developed and used effectively for informed decision-making and for introducing improvements in the current and future projects, programs, policies, strategic and operation plans;
  3. Set up an M&E system including development of Key Performance Indicators, manage the system, and produce the results required for M&E;
  4. Link various related components of work in the project together, for example, the inputs, processes, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts that constitute projects, programmes, and services, so that they form an integrated whole or system;
  5. Collect data, use M&E tools such as SPSS, and STRATA to analyse data, interpret, and write report for decision making.


The course will cover the following modules:

MEF01 Monitoring and Evaluation Framework 15 Hrs
MCP02 Managing Change in M&E: Theory of Change and LFA 20 Hrs
PME12 Planning for M&E system 30 Hrs
DME10 Designing and Managing a result based M&E 30 Hrs
DSA02 Data collection and software application 20 Hrs
PTS01 On Job Training and study tour 10 Hrs
CDP01 Competence Development Program 6 Hrs



The programme provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge, understanding, skills, qualities and other attributes in the following areas:

Area Specific issue


Knowledge and Understanding

On completion of this programme, among others, students will be able to demonstrate:

–         Understanding of key principles and practices of M&E

–         The ability to apply a significant range practices and techniques in M&E such a theory of change and Logical Framework approach

–         Ability to use inputs, output, outcome and impact relationship to design, monitor and evaluate development intervention.

–         Ability to understand in-depth skills on research and statistical methods for M&E



Professional/Practical Skills

On completion of this programme, among others, students will be able to demonstrate:

–         Ability to monitor and evaluate different development interventions

–         Ability to design and develop a result based monitoring and evaluation systems for organizations

–         Ability to develop required indicators for M&E

–         Ability to provide advisory services to both Government, Public and Private sector development initiatives

–         Ability to undertake impact assessments of projects



Practical is a corner stone of our Monitoring and Evaluation competence based development program. The practical side will involves case studies, field studies, visiting experienced facilitators, Guest speakers and Monitoring and Evaluation Lab discussion opportunities, all these will cement the reflection of what is happening at the ground. From day one, participants should see themselves as solution providers in the Monitoring and Evaluation industry as each module give them a critical skills necessary for solving a particular Monitoring and Evaluation problem.  That is the best way to prepare their mind for larger assignments ahead of them.


The program is expected to last for three months, and combination of three approaches will be used to deliver the program:

  1. Evening Sessions
  2. Online or Digital sessions
  3. Study tour or Industrial visit


Assessment will be organized around continuous Test assessment (CA), study tour participation, online and physical examination components. Each Course topic carries 100% marks. The final examination counts for 50% of the total marks. Coursework carries 50% of the total marks.


The CCME Program serves as a foundation for individuals and organizations to establish and develop Monitoring and Evaluation competencies. The target audience includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. M&E Specialist
  2. M&E National or International Post
  3. Evaluation Experts/Consultant
  4. Monitoring experts/Consultant
  5. M&E Data Manager
  6. M&E Researchers
  7. Individuals interested in the Monitoring and Evaluation field


The prospective applicants must:

  1. Possess a bachelor’s degree and above in any discipline from accredited higher learning institution.
  2. Diploma with more than 5 years working experience in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation


The program fees is Tshs 2,000,000/=