Certified Management Consultant – International Certification

Are you a Strategic Decision maker in the Government, Public, NGOs, or Private Sector? Are you planning to be a Management Consultant and you are looking for ways to become? Do you want to be a Certified Management Consultant recognized by International Council of Management Consulting Institutes in Zurich, Switzerland (ICMCI).? Here is an Opportunity!!!

Don’t be a Management Consultant by default, Tanzania Institute of Project Management is bringing to you a practical and in-depth course that addresses the overall profession of management consulting requirements that will lead you to become a Certified Management Consultant…

Start Date: 29th October– 01st November, 2019, Venue: LandMark Resort Mbezi Beach

Competent Trainers from South Africa will facilitate the program

For more details,  visit our office or Download course details here

PRESENTER: Angelo Kehayas, CEO of Profweb, CEO & Former President of the Institute of Management  Consultants and Master Coaches of South Africa, Past vice chairman, secretary and head of the professional Standards Committee of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)-Zurich Switzerland.

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