Structure Of The Course

We live in an age of fundamental change where companies, Governments, public corporations and non-government organisations are engaged in innovations in order to meet the demands of this new age. This is particularly true of developing countries where the effects of poor performance, unsatisfied clients, poverty, unemployment, disease and political instability are even more pronounced. In the midst of all this, we find a multitude of social, economic, health, educational and political interventions – programmes, projects, initiatives, campaigns – that are designed and implemented to address the most urgent developmental demands.

These interventions are driven by a wide variety of actors within and outside of government and funded by public and private organisations as well as international foundations and agencies.

Course Overview:


The module has been designed to provide participants with basic approaches, principles and paradigms for monitoring and evaluation. This module intends to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to understand and critically assess existing frameworks and their application to monitor and evaluate projects or programs as well as identifying key stakeholders in M&E.


A high-performing organization attains valuable results by using a clearly understood strategy and a simplified design for structure, systems and processes which will enhance maximum utilization of available resources. This module provides participants with an understanding of M&E as an integral part of organizational strategic plan.It aims at building and strengthening the capabilities of participants especially those involved in different projects to integrate project strategies into M&E roles and functions.

Who Should Enroll In This Programme?

This is a cross-cutting programmes designed for those who are involved or tasked with the design, implementation management and of monitoring and evaluation of public and private programmes and other interventions. More specifically, the following people will find the course of value to:

  1. Researchers and consultants tasked with evaluation studies
  2. M&E officers in government, industry and civil society organizations
  3. Project managers in government research and planning units and directorates
  4. NGO employees involved in social, health and educational research activities
  5. Social policy analysts and advisers
  6. Social science methodology lecturers
  7. Other interested individuals from public and private sectors

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